Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Our own planet

JENNA: You found it then?

AVON: (empties the sack on the table and jewels spill out) Do you know how much is in there? Millions. Millions. And this is just a sample. There must be almost as much wealth in that single room as there is in the entire Federation banking system. Look at it.

JENNA: You could buy a lot of freedom with this.

AVON: You could buy anything with this. Anything at all. Think of it Jenna, there isn't anything you couldn't have.

JENNA: But what about Blake?

AVON: What about him?


AVON: We could own our own planet.

BLAKE: We're not leaving him there.

AVON: We have to. He's a crusader. He'll look upon all this as just one more weapon to use against the Federation. And he can't win. You know he can't win. What do you want to be rich or dead? (picks up necklace) We might never have this opportunity again.

JENNA: An hour. We'll wait an hour. If he's not back by then we'll leave.

AVON: Why? Why wait?

JENNA: Because that way I can convince myself that we gave him a fair chance. If he's not back by then.... (walks away)

AVON: All right.

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