Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I'm sorry you've waited so long

VOICE: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. We have lift-off.

[The rocket lifts off.]

AVON: Meegat, I'm sorry you've waited so long.

MEEGAT: Our waiting brought you.

AVON: That seems like a poor reward, somehow.

[The rocket is climbing through space.]

[Liberator flight deck. The whole crew is present.]

ZEN: The rocket is now beyond sensor range.

AVON: Have the navigation computers made a projection?

ZEN: It is calculated that the rocket will make planet-fall in the system Magdalen Alpha.

AVON: How many suitable planets are there in that system?

ZEN: There are four with compatible biospheres.

AVON: Flight time?

ZEN: Five hundred earth years.

VILA: You won't be a legend in your own lifetime, then.

GAN: Fertility cells wouldn't know about us, anyway.

CALLY: Meegat does. [To Avon] Did she really think you were a god?

AVON: For a while.

BLAKE: How did it feel?

AVON: Don't you know?

BLAKE: Yes. I don't like the responsibility, either.

Original via Lisa ...

Meegat is played by Suzan Farmer
Blake's 7, Episode A12 Deliverance

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