Monday, 22 April 2019

The System is infallible

ALTA 1:   We will commence. State the circumstance by which you came to be aboard Deep Space Vehicle II.

BLAKE:   We call it the Liberator. It was found abandoned and drifting in space. I was part of a crew that was put on board.

ALTA 1:   State the astral location in which you found DSV II.

BLAKE:   I don't know it. My nearest point of reference is a Federation prison planet called Cygnus Alpha.

ALTA 1:   State any further information you have regarding DSV II.

BLAKE:   We assume it had been in a space battle.

ALTA 1:   State any further information you have regarding ... regarding ... regarding ...

ALTA 2:   [At dome, it gargles] Circuitry disturbances are continuing. An outside influence has been analyzed.

ALTA 1:   We will resume the questioning when the disturbance has been rectified. [Rises and walks towards the door]

BLAKE:   It's nice to know that computers can have their bad days, too.

ALTA 1:   The System is infallible. [Exits]

BLAKE:   [Under his breath] Orac!

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

One Last Chance

ALIEN: Don't try to play games with me.

AVON: Nothing was further from my mind. You've given us your terms, now I will give you ours: no deal.

ALIEN: [Her robes start blowing as if a breeze had sprung up] I thought you were the clever one. You're a fool, like Tarrant. The pain Tarrant is experiencing ... visualize that pain and much more. [Shot of Cally tossing her head back and forth.] You're as close to death as you have ever been. Think about human death, Avon. Irrevocable.

AVON: I have thought about it. What's keeping you?

ALIEN: What did you say?

AVON: You claim you can kill me. You better get on with it. Make me die. There's nothing else you can make me do. [Steps right up to her.]

ALIEN: [Electrical bolts flash from her face, exploding the control stations. Shot of Cally thrashing about in her bed.] One last chance. [She raises her arm threateningly.]

AVON: [looks at her upraised hand and gives a slight, contemptuous smile] Save it. [More panels explode and burn. The alien screams in anger and frustration. Cally's voice shouts "NO". Shot of Cally sitting up in her bed.] It seems you made another mistake. Cally has loyalties after all. But you knew that right from the beginning, didn't you? [He reaches up and grasps her wrist, then pulls her arm behind her back, embracing her. The alien sound effect stops.] You look so beautiful when you're angry. [He kisses her. While she is distracted he slips the ring from her finger, then brings it around and holds it in front of her face.] Thank you.

ALIEN: Give it to me.

AVON: That would be a little foolish, when I just went to so much trouble to get it.

ALIEN: You don't understand.

AVON: Don't I? Psychic abilities boosted by high technology? This ring is the real source of your power, isn't it? This is how you formed your link with Cally and you cannot hold her or feed off this ship without it.

ALIEN: Avon! Avon, give it back to me. You must. You don't know. I HAVE to keep this body. I have to live. I've waited so long. Centuries. More time than you could comprehend. How can you imagine what it must be like to be dead, to exist in nothingness, in nowhere. Blind, deaf, dumb, and yet to be sentient, aware, waiting. Centuries of waiting. I have to find my world again, my people, my home. I want to breathe and see and feel. And know. Don't send me back into the dark, Avon, let me live. [Vision of Avon as the figure in black, with the smoking bowl. He turns the bowl over and spills white grains out onto the ground. Avon throws the ring into one of the burning consoles where it explodes.]

ALIEN: [Her voice gradually dies away as the alien turns back into the dried-up corpse, then vanishes]: I want to live, to live. I want to live, to live, to live. I want to live, to live, to live. I want to...... [Avon looks over at Tarrant, Dayna and Vila kneeling on the floor, then over at the door where Cally is standing with tears on her face.]

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Federation Gun

This is a computer-drawn Federation gun by @MinionWho (so good that it looks real).

I have added the background.

Original without the background is here.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Who betrayed us?

MUTOID: Stay where you are. [Travis moves forwards]

TRAVIS: Which of you is Avalon? [He holds a nearby man and places his gun to the man's head.] I want Avalon -- now. [A figure moves forward. Another puts out a hand to stop her, but she continues forwards. Travis hits the man he was threatening, knocking him over.]

AVALON: Who betrayed us?

TRAVIS: [To mutoids] Take her.

MUTOID: [Indicating homing beacon] Shall I smash it?

TRAVIS: No. Give Blake his homing beacon -- make it easier for him. Finish it.

TERLOC: No, no, please wait. It's me, Terloc, I helped you. I gave you Avalon. I gave you Avalon. [The mutoid pushes him over with her foot] Ughh. Uh, ah. They're going to kill us. [Mutoids systematically shoot everyone amid lots of screams and shouts, then leave.]

Original via Lisa ...

Avalon is played by Julia Vidler.
Blake's 7, Season 1, Project Avalon.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I'm sorry you've waited so long

VOICE: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. We have lift-off.

[The rocket lifts off.]

AVON: Meegat, I'm sorry you've waited so long.

MEEGAT: Our waiting brought you.

AVON: That seems like a poor reward, somehow.

[The rocket is climbing through space.]

[Liberator flight deck. The whole crew is present.]

ZEN: The rocket is now beyond sensor range.

AVON: Have the navigation computers made a projection?

ZEN: It is calculated that the rocket will make planet-fall in the system Magdalen Alpha.

AVON: How many suitable planets are there in that system?

ZEN: There are four with compatible biospheres.

AVON: Flight time?

ZEN: Five hundred earth years.

VILA: You won't be a legend in your own lifetime, then.

GAN: Fertility cells wouldn't know about us, anyway.

CALLY: Meegat does. [To Avon] Did she really think you were a god?

AVON: For a while.

BLAKE: How did it feel?

AVON: Don't you know?

BLAKE: Yes. I don't like the responsibility, either.

Original via Lisa ...

Meegat is played by Suzan Farmer
Blake's 7, Episode A12 Deliverance

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nucleoplasmic absorption

TARRANT: Yes, well. So much about us. What about you? You built all this?

ULTRA 1: Not quite.

DAYNA: Then how?

ULTRA 2: It built itself. We are merely the custodians.

ULTRA 1: You were not strictly correct in calling Ultraworld a computer. Ultraworld is much more than that. It possesses consciousness, self-awareness.

DAYNA: You mean it's alive?

ULTRA 3: By any meaningful definition of the word, yes.

TARRANT: (rises) We're wasting time.

AVON: Wait a minute. Germanium circuitry is clever stuff, but to the best of my knowledge it cannot think for itself nor can it reproduce its own structure.

ULTRA 1: You have an astute mind, Avon.

AVON: If you say so.

ULTRA 2: There is another process involved. Nucleoplasmic absorption.

TARRANT: Oh, well that's a relief. I thought it might be something complicated.

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Blake's 7 - C10 - Ultraworld