Wednesday, 9 November 2016

All the weapons we can get

GAN: Why that base, Cally?

CALLY: Sooner or later, Blake is going to attack Federation Central Control on Earth itself.

VILA: Later. Much later.

AVON: And alone, probably.

JENNA: I doubt that.

GAN: He wouldn't be alone if you just left him, Avon.

AVON: You would stay with him?

GAN: Yes.

AVON: [Smiles] Virtually alone, then.

CALLY: And for that attack we shall need all the weapons we can get.

BLAKE: [Enters] And where better to get them than the Weapons Development Base?

AVON: According to Orac, almost anywhere.


Original screen grab ...

Blake's 7, Season 2
Episode B3 - Weapon
Cally is played by Jan Chappell

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