Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Who are you?

CALLY: (telepaths) Who are you?

CALLY: Will you answer my question? Who are you? I ask you for the last time, who are you?

BLAKE: Do you mind if I get up. (lunges at her)

[Cally quickly goes around him and knocks him flat again.]

CALLY: (telepaths) Try that again and I'll blow your head off. Now what are you doing here?

BLAKE: My name is Blake. I'm trying to make contact with the resistance group.

CALLY: (telepaths) How did you get here?

BLAKE: We came from.... (looks quickly to the side).

[Cally also looks to the side. Blake grabs her and throws her over his head. Blake disarms her. Points the gun at her on the ground]

CALLY: May you die alone and silent.

Original via Lisa ...

Blake's 7, Season 1
Episode A4, Time Squad
Cally is played by Jan Chappell

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